Hitchhike the World

12 Jan

“One way ticket, two backpacks, a close to six hundred dollars (all our savings), few plans and lots of dreams – that’s what we had when we landed in New York. It was Wednesday, October 7th, 1998. We knew one thing – we wanted to see the world. The whole world!
How to do it almost with no money? How to do it to best get to know the people and cultures of the countries along our way? Of course – by hitchhiking!

We didn’t plan the detailed route – we just chose the general direction. We didn’t study guidebooks – people who picked us up, people we met along a mountain path, or a map we accidentally came across – these were our guides. We just let the events happen and the road lead us through new places, countries and adventures. Thumbing a ride with destiny… We didn’t expect it would take us… five years.”


Anh yêu, một ngày nào đó em mong chúng ta có thể làm được điều này cùng nhau…
còn giờ em mong có cuốn sách của họ “Led by Destiny” 😀


One Response to “Hitchhike the World”

  1. Bình Trương January 14, 2010 at 4:18 am #

    Lol, xin Visa vào là cả 1 vấn đề rồi.

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