how to make warabimochi and sesame shake

27 Jun

Sau 2 lần ghé MOF và chắc chắn sẽ còn ghé để ăn cho hết các món tại  MOF (bạn mình ai mà đọc câu này nhất bạn Lucy và Michan sẽ chẹp miệng và phán: “bạn mình điên cuồng vì món Nhật huh?”), mình quyết định thử làm món warabimochi và món sesame shake :), chưa kể đến món cơm chiên lươn với trứng 🙂 sẽ làm sau! Đi lòng vòng và kiếm dc công thức như  sau, chia sẽ bạn bè những ai muốn làm bánh nhé:

Homemade Yummy Balls of Bracken Flour Fun
手作りわらび餅 (Tezukuri Warabimochi)


What You Need (The Hard Part)
* 100g warabimochiko (fern bracken root flour) – để ghé Tokyo shop hỏi xem sao?
o no substitutes and, to the best of my knowledge, not eaten outside Japan

* around 20g kinako (soy bean flour) – cái này mình mua dc rùi
o no substitutes, marginally better availability
o a warabimochi kit will often, but not always, include a package of kinako

* a few tbsp of mitsu (runny black syrup) – check với  Tokyo Shop
o other syrups, like molasses, are a poor substitute but better than nothing

* 50g sugar

* 600ml water

* ice (optional but recommended)

How To Make It (The Fun Part)

1. Pour the water into a saucepan and slowly stir in the warabimochiko and sugar until you have a uniform, milky liquid.
2. On a medium flame, heat until boiling and then simmer, stirring constantly. The liquid will develop little translucent chunks that will grow in size and stick together until you are left with a pan full of thick, translucent paste. (Reduce heat at this stage, or you’ll end up with impossible-to-remove smudges of burned but perfectly transparent warabimochi on the bottom of your pan!) The longer you stir, the more transparent it becomes; stop when the mixture is more or less uniform.
3. Fill a large bowl with cold water, add ice if you have any.
4. Using a teaspoon, scoop out little chunks of the glop and plop them into the bowl to set. Repeat until all gone, then let the chunks cool down completely in the water.
5. Alternatively, if the spoon method’s misshapen chunks cause you aesthetic distress, you can fashion a cone from wax paper (leaving a centimeter or so open at the tip) and squirt perfect little spheres into the water.

How to Eat It (The Tasty Part)
Drain off excess water in a colander. With your chopsticks (warning: chopstick-fu required!), dip a ball of warabimochi into the mitsu syrup and then roll it around in kinako. Pop into your mouth and enjoy!
The recipe serves 4-5 people in theory and one not-very-hungry me in practice. Homemade warabimochi remains edible after one day in the fridge, but turns almost white and more solid in the process. Being eaten cold, warabimochi is traditionally a summer dish in Japan, but with a pot of hot green tea on the side it’s fine anytime.

Còn sesame shake thì đây, mặc dù đây ko phải là công thức của MOF và mình cũng chưa thử món này tại MOF 🙂
Vanilla and Sesame Shake (Raw Vegan Recipe)

* 1 cup sesame seeds
* 2 large bananas
* 2 cups water
* 3 Medjool dates OR 3 Tablespoons agave nectar
* 1 Tbsp vanilla essence OR ?-1 vanilla pod


1) Place all ingredients into a blender and blend on full power until all of the sesame seeds are fully broken down. [NB: Owing to the size of the seeds this may be hard to do – if you prefer no lumps at all you will need to mill the seeds in a nut mill before blending with the other ingredients.]

2) Taste test for sweetness and add more dates or agave if required.

3) When you have your perfect blend, write it down, pour it out and find a soft spot on your lounge floor. Bury yourself in cushions and sip, slurp or savour, depending on your mood.


* If you’d like to add more flavour to this basic mix, try playing with varying amounts of any (but not all) of the following: mesquite powder, coconut butter, cacao nibs or raw carob powder.



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